Old Courthouse Square Updates

The Reunification of Courthouse Square

 Santa Rosa’s Courthouse Square is being reunified to create an outdoor plaza, designed to host events and invite residents and visitors to shop, dine, and enjoy. The original side streets are being reinstalled featuring wide sidewalks suitable for outside dining. The existing park areas of the Square are bring joined together to create a beautiful gathering space in the heart of Santa Rosa.

CHS dedication postcard front
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Construction Update for April 13, 2017  

Old Courthouse Square is just over two weeks away from re-opening! So instead of telling you what we have done, we will tell you what is left to accomplish before the Dedication Celebration on April 29th.

It's exciting to see all the activity as the square takes shape. The crews are pulling enormous amounts of wires through the Square to power the uplighting, light poles, decorative lights, and kiosks. PG&E is on site this week working to provide power to the electrical system. The lights on the Square are anticipated to light up within a week! Very Exciting!

Crews continue to lay the permeable pavers on the northern side of the Square. Street crews are expected to be paving Third Street adjacent to the Square on Friday and Saturday this week (April 14 & 15).

As always, we appreciate the community's patience and understanding while we work to build this project in the heart of Santa Rosa. We recognize the impacts of ongoing construction in Downtown, and are making every effort to complete this project as quickly as possible.

Hours of Construction

Hours of work are from 7:00 AM - 5:00 PM. Crews are working Monday through Saturday, weather permitting, and there is the possibility of some night and early morning work