Previous Chiefs 1900s

  1. Marshal Charles H. Holmes, Jr. 1898 & 1902

    Charles Holmes was elected as Marshal in 1898, but he left office to serve in the E-Company in the Spanish-American War. When he returned from the war, he ran for Marshal and was appointed again in 1900.

  2. Marshal George Severson 1902 - 1906

    George Severson was the Santa Rosa Marshal from 1902 to 1906.

  3. Chief Alfred E. Rushmore 1906 - 1910

    Chief Rushmore was appointed the first Chief of Police on April 16, 1906. He was Chief until 1910.

  4. Chief John M. Boyes 1910 - 1918

    Chief Boyes was well recognized as one of the State’s best known and respected lawmen and was Chief from 1910 to 1918.

  5. Chief George W. Matthews 1918 - 1928

    Chief Matthews was born on his father’s farm in the immediate vicinity of Santa Rosa.

  6. Chief Charles B. O’Neal 1928 - 1935

    Chief O’Neal holds the tragic place in the department’s history as being the first Santa Rosa officer killed in the line of duty.

  7. Chief Emil Biavaschi 1935 - 1939

    Chief Emil Biavaschi, a naturalized citizen from the northern part of Italy, moved to Santa Rosa from Montana in 1915.

  8. Chief Watson B. Maxwell 1939 - 1940

    Chief Maxwell, a Lake County native, moved to Santa Rosa as a young man and worked as a teamster for a local hauling and storage firm.

  9. Chief Melvin F. "Dutch" Flohr 1940 - 1974

    Melvin I. "Dutch" Flohr was a larger-than-life figure in Sonoma County lore, having been a football hero in Petaluma and at Santa Clara University and hero-type deputy sheriff and having served as chief of police from 1940-1974.

  10. Chief Salvatore V. Rosano 1974 - 1996

    Chief Rosano began his law enforcement career while attending San Francisco City College and San Francisco Sate College.

  11. Chief Michael A. Dunbaugh 1996 - 2004

    Chief Dunbaugh’s law enforcement career began in 1974 with the City of Santa Cruz. He worked as a patrol officer and promoted through the ranks.

  12. Chief Edwin F. Flint 2004 - 2008

    Chief Ed Flint became Chief of Police for Santa Rosa in January 2004.

  13. Chief Thomas H. Simms 2008 - 2009

    Chief Tom Simms was the Interim Chief of Police in Santa Rosa from August 2008 to March 2009.

Chief Thomas E Schwedhelm 2009 - 2013