Make a Payment

  1. Alarm Permit Bills

    Use this form with your File / Permit number and online code from our City of Santa Rosa Police Alarm Permit bill to access our online payment system.

  2. Business Tax Certificates

    Renew and pay for your Santa Rosa Business Tax Certificate online.

  3. Construction & Demo Debris Hauling Franchise Fee

    Find out how to apply for a franchise and pay your construction and demolition debris hauling franchise fees.

  4. Parking Citations

    Look up and pay your parking tickets online.

  5. Taxicab Franchise Fee

    Learn how to apply for a taxicab franchise and pay your franchise fees.

  6. Transient Occupancy Tax

    Transient Occupancy Tax is collected by all lodging establishments in Santa Rosa City limits. Learn more about the tax and how to pay it.

  7. Utility Users Tax

    Find out how to pay your Utility Users Tax either as a utility user or service supplier.

  8. Water Bills

    View your water usage and pay your bill online.