Proper Firearm & Ammunition Disposal

To dispose of any unwanted firearms and/or ammunition, you may turn them in to the Police Department.

Safety Instructions

Please follow these important safety instructions:
  1. Make sure your firearm(s) are unloaded.
  2. Preferably lock your firearm(s) in a secure container.
  3. Ammunition can be placed in a box or specific ammunition can.
  4. Upon transport, lock the firearm(s) in the trunk of your car and store the ammunition in either the glove box and/or the interior compartment area.
  5. Drive straight to the Police Department located at  965 Sonoma Avenue in Santa Rosa. Do not stop anywhere else.
  6. Park and lock your car in front of the Public Safety Building and go inside and ask for instructions.
  7. Upon arrival, make contact with front counter personnel. Tell them that you want to turn in your firearm(s) and/or ammunition for destruction.

Military Ordinance & Explosives

If you should ever encounter any type of military ordinance and/or explosives such as grenades, pipe bombs, sticks of dynamite, or containers of gun powder - do not touch! None of these types of munitions should be considered safe regardless of size or packaging. Contact the Police Department by calling 707-528-5222. Let the police assess the situation to see if this is a job for the bomb squad.