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Park Permit staff are located at Steele Lane Community Center.
415 Steele Lane, Santa Rosa

When is a Park Permit Required?

Most organized activities and events planned for City parks require a permit. Review the following criteria to determine if a park permit is required for your event or activity. Please review Council Policy 000-09 "Event Permits" for all requirements and restrictions.

  • Required for events with an expected attendance of 100+ and for all events held in a Neighborhood Park.
  • Events on athletic fields and courts must align with the specific athletic or sport function for which the facility was designed.
  • A park permit may also be required for any of the following reasons regardless of attendance:
    • To reserve space, including lawn areas.
    • Conducting business within the park.
    • Event is open to the public and attendance cannot be determined.
    • Alcohol will be sold.
    • To consume alcohol in a Neighborhood Park at any time or a Community Park before 5pm on weekdays.
    • Special event equipment will be brought into the park such as inflatable structures, vehicles, animals, band, portable dance floor etc.
    • Portable toilets and/or additional dumpsters will be needed.
    • Outside the parameters of the picnic site or impact on other park patrons.

Apply for a Park Permit

  • Applications must be submitted no later than 30 days and no more than one year prior to the event.
  • Complete the Park Permit Application (en español). Read all instructions and provide as much detail as possible.
  • Submit a completed application in one of the following ways:
  • View Park Rules.
  • There is a $25 non-refundable application fee due when submitting application (date will not be held until payment and application are received).

Park Permit Guidelines

Park Permit Fees

Park Permit fees are based on attendance and are charged per park, per day.
Please note: 5% surcharge applies to non-Santa Rosa residents.

Park PermitsResident Non-Resident
Application Fee$25$25
Event <26 ppl$25$26
Event 26 - 100 ppl$50$53
Event 101 - 200 ppl$175$184
Event 201 - 500 ppl$350$368
Event 501 - 1,000 ppl$700$735
Event 1,001+ ppl$1,400$1,470
Event setup/take down before/after event per day$350$368
City StaffBurdenedBurdened

Refundable Damage Deposit

A minimum $100 refundable damage deposit (subject to change depending on event type) will also be required to secure a Park Permit. This damage deposit will be refunded in full, if no damage is done to the park, after the event.

Park Permit vs Picnic Reservation

A standard Picnic Reservation allows people to reserve a community or neighborhood park picnic site for a private social gathering. With a Picnic Reservation, you may bring in one 15' x 15' inflatable, one propane BBQ less than 5 gallons, and one 12' x 12' canopy or tent. All equipment must fit within the picnic site and the inflatable area. For picnics and events that do not meet the picnic criteria, please fill out and submit a Park Permit application to the park permit desk. For more information on picnics, please visit the Picnic Reservations page.


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Click here to download application