Vehicle Impound Releases

If your vehicle was towed for not having a valid California Driver's License (California Vehicle Code Sections 12500 VC or 14601.1 VC), your vehicle is placed on a mandatory 30-day hold.

Post Storage Hearings

You have the right to a Post Storage Hearing with a Hearing Officer to explain the events surrounding the tow and see if it is eligible for release prior to 30 days. Post Storage Hearings can be scheduled by calling 707-543-3600. If your vehicle is eligible for release, the following is required:
  • The fee which is $200 in cash.
  • Presence of the Legal and/or Registered Owner of the vehicle or a notarized letter from the Legal and/or Registered Owner giving authorization to obtain a release on their behalf.
  • A valid California licensed driver.


Releases are only done during Records Bureau hours, Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.