Private Property Tows

Private Property Tows are not initiated by the Santa Rosa Police Department. A private property owner is able to call any tow company and have a vehicle towed off of their premises if the vehicle is violating private property laws.


If your vehicle is towed for being illegally parked on private property, the tow company is required to call the Santa Rosa Police Department in order for us to input the vehicle's license and/or VIN number into our computer database.

Obtaining Information

Only the Legal or Registered Owner of the vehicle is able to obtain the information on where the vehicle is being stored. We are only able to pull up information on where your vehicle was towed to and/or the tow company if you provide a license plate number or VIN number.


No release is required from the Santa Rosa Police Department for Private Property Tows. All fees will need to be paid directly to the tow company.