Crosswalks & Pedestrian Safety

Myths & Facts About Pedestrian Safety

  • The driver will always stop if you are in a crosswalk or at a green light. The driver may not see you. The driver's view may be blocked. The driver may go through a red light. The driver may turn and not look for pedestrians.
  • A green light means it is safe to cross. A green light means you should look for traffic and only cross if it's safe. Be sure to keep looking for cars coming or turning while you are crossing.
  • If you see the driver, the driver sees you. The driver may not see you. Make sure the driver sees you and stops before you cross in front of the car. Try to make eye contact with the driver.
  • White clothes at night make it easy for drivers to see you. White clothes can be hard to see too. Carry a flashlight. Wear reflective clothing. Walk facing oncoming traffic.
  • You are safe in a crosswalk. Sometimes drivers make mistakes. Always make sure it is safe to cross, even at a crosswalk.

Cross at Marked Crosswalks & Intersections

The walk signal does not mean it is safe to step into the street. It simply means that it is your turn to cross. Before crossing, be sure drivers have seen you and are stopping.

If the red hand is flashing, don't start crossing. If you have already begun to cross, finish crossing quickly.

When the red hand is a steady red, do not begin to cross the street. If you are already crossing in the intersection when this light flashes, finish crossing quickly.