Dog Parks

Several Santa Rosa Parks feature large safe, enclosed dog park areas where dogs are allowed to run off leash. For the enjoyment and safety of all dog park users, please read and familiarize yourself with the information below including the Dog Park Rules.

Dog Park Rules

  • Dog Park is open during posted park hours, weather permitting
    (Santa Rosa City Code 13-24.030)
  • Enter and leave with your dog(s) on leash (SRCC 7-2.110)
  • Pick up after your dog and immediately dispose of waste of properly (SRCC 7-28.010)
  • No female dogs in heat (SRCC 7-12.120)
  • Dogs must have current vaccinations (SRCC 7-12.030)
  • No aggressive dogs 
  • No human and dog food treats
  • Do not leave your dog(s) unattended
  • No Glass (SRCC 13-24.070)
  • No Smoking (SRCC 9-20.060)
  • No children under 10-years- old inside fenced area

Basic Etiquette

  • Please be courteous and respect other park patrons  
  • Owners are legally responsible for the behavior of their dog(s) at all times
  • Limit of three dogs per person at one time
  • Dog handlers must be physically able to handle dog(s)
  • Do keep your dog from digging holes
  • Redirect any in appropriate behavior
  • Bring Water for you and your dog
  • Use park at your own risk


Park Address Dog Park Features
A Place to Play Park 2375 W. Third Street 0.8-acre, fenced, wood chip area, benches, small and large dog area, water and bathrooms.
Coffey Neighborhood Park 1524 Amanda Place 0.17-acre, fenced, lawn area with water and a park bench.
Cook School Park 2525 Gardner Avenue 0.2-acre, fenced, lawn area, water and picnic tables
DeTurk Round Barn Park 819 Donahue Street 0.25-acre fenced lawn area and water.
Doyle Community Park 700 Doyle Park Drive
Parking closest to dog area is located off Doyle Park Dr.
0.25-acre fenced lawn and wood chip area, water, small and large dog area and bathrooms.
Finali Park 1420 Range Avenue 0.2-acre fenced area, eucalyptus wood chips, bring own water for dogs.
Galvin Community Park 3330 Yulupa Avenue 0.5-acre fenced lawn and wood chip area, water, picnic table and bathrooms.
Harvest Park 245 Burt Street 0.5-acre, wood chips, fully fenced.
Northwest Community Park 2880 W. Steele Lane
Parking closest to the dog area is located off Marlow Road.
0.5-acre fenced lawn and wood chip area, water, small and large dog area and bathrooms.
Rincon Valley Community Park 5108 Badger Road
Parking & alternate entrance on Montecito Blvd.
0.75-acre fenced lawn and wood chip area, water, picnic table, small and large dog areas, swimming pond and bathrooms.


Park Hours
Open sunrise to sunset

Parks Maintenance
[email protected]