Street Tree Removal Permit

Approximately 62,000 street trees strengthen our community image, adding beauty, providing shade, increasing property values, reducing the speed of neighborhood traffic, and supporting economic development by creating a pedestrian-friendly downtown. An additional 10,000 trees canopy our parks, providing welcome summer shade.

Maintenance of trees and landscape in areas in between the street back of curb and a residence are the responsibility of the property owner.

Property owners wishing to remove their street trees may contact the Parks Division Office to request a Removal Permit (if the street tree is causing sidewalk damage, is diseased or dead) or click on the "Apply Now" button below. There is no charge for the permit and it is good for 60 days. Replacement trees should be selected from the Council-approved Street Tree List. Click on the link below to view the list. Trees on this list have been selected for their suitability to the width of the planting strips.

City Code 13-32 (PDF) provides information regarding property owner maintenance responsibility for street trees and sidewalks.

NoteProperty owners are responsible for planting, removal, and maintenance of street trees planted in the strip between the sidewalk and street.

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Street Tree List

  • To view the Street Tree List, click here.
  • Tree specie selection determined by planter strip width.
  • Trees are best planted during the rainy season, between November and April.

Need Additional Information?

Contact the Parks Office at 707-543-3770 or [email protected].


Street Tree Removal Permit
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