Park Rules

Juilliard Park

For the Enjoyment of All Park Users

  • Dogs must be on maximum 6 feet leash (7-12.100)
  • Dog owners must clean up after their dog (7-28.010)
  • Smoking is prohibited (9-20.030)
  • Parks are open sunrise to sunset (13-24.030)


The following is prohibited in park without a permit:

  • Golfing (13-24.031)
  • Archery (13-24.032)
  • Bathing, wading, polluting water (13-24.033)
  • Motorized models, including aerial systems (13-24.034)
  • Tampering with property (13-24.035)
  • Activity on posted turf (13-24.035)
  • Horses and other riding animals (13-24.037)
  • Conducting business or transactions (13-24.038)
  • Camping, tents, shelters, sleeping bags (13-24.040)
  • Glass beverage containers (13-24.070)
  • Amplified sound (13-24.077)
  • Motor vehicles (13-24.110)

Alcohol is allowed in community parks weekdays 5pm to sunset. Weekends and City-observed holiday's sunrise to sunset and by permit. Alcohol is allowed in neighborhood parks by permit only. (13-24.050)

It is unlawful for any person to remain on a Recreation and Parks facility after being requested to leave for violating any posted rule. (13-24.036)


Park Hours
Open sunrise to sunset

Parks Maintenance
[email protected]