Field & Evidence Technician

The Police Field and Evidence Technician performs tasks in a wide range of situations in law enforcement field work not requiring peace officer status.


The Field and Evidence Technician's duty is to support and assist police officers and other department personnel and to collect, photograph, preserve, process and document evidence at routine and complex crime scenes. Examples of duties include:
  • Attending Autopsies to Photograph and Collect Evidence
  • Documenting Law Enforcement Related Activities and Preparing Reports
  • Fingerprinting Living, Comatose, and Deceased Persons
  • Interviewing and Obtaining Statements From Victims and Witnesses
  • Photographing and Videotaping Crime Scenes
  • Preparing Crime Scene Sketches
  • Processing a Wide Variety of Crime Scenes
  • Providing Testimony in Court
  • Responding to Calls for Service
  • Responding to Traffic Collisions

Job Overview

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 Police Field and Evidence Technician