Safety Tips - Cycling

Safety Tips

  • The American Automobile Association suggests using an accident avoidance technique called "SIPDA": scan, identify, predict, decide, and then act
  • Avoid sudden swerves
  • Be predictable
  • Common sense, courtesy, and caution are the three C's of good cycling
  • Don't assume motorists can see you
  • Follow signs, signals, and pavement markings
  • Inform others of turns by using hand signals These are the same as motorists' hand signals except that for turning right you can use your right arm and point
  • Never ride against traffic
  • Ride on the right, but not too close to parked cars Drivers might open a car door without seeing you
  • Share the road
  • Slow down and yield for pedestrians
  • Watch the road
  • When turning left, merge with left-turning traffic or walk your bike across as a pedestrian if traffic is heavy

Issues & Answers

Riding a Bike in Traffic During Commute Hours is Dangerous

For maximum safety, take your rightful place in traffic and obey all traffic laws With advance planning, you can find a route that avoids heavy traffic and other potential hazards

Biking Will Make My Commute Take Even Longer

Most commutes will take longer by bicycle although some people have found it actually cuts down on their transit time If it does take longer, consider that the time you spend on your bicycle is probably more relaxing and rewarding

I Don't Own a Bike & My Commute is Already Expensive

You may need to make an initial investment, but even if you buy a new bike and equipment, it should pay off in lower commute costs in no time It's best to purchase a bike from a bicycle dealer who will fit the bike to you and provide follow-up adjustments and repair Some dealers carry used bikes

My Clothes Will Be Wrinkled When I Get to Work

On a short, relatively flat ride, you may arrive in good shape For longer rides, you'll find that racks, bike bags and special panniers are great for carrying a change of clothes to work wrinkle-free You can also leave your work clothes at the office, or take the bus when you have special meetings that require dress attire