Firearm Instructors

The department's Firearms Instructors are police officers specially trained to instruct sworn personnel on how to use their firearms safely and effectively within the course of their duties.

Instructor Information

These instructors provide training on a bimonthly basis and require them to maintain qualifying standards in proficiency. Using various instruction techniques, the Firearms Instructors train the officers to utilize their weapons effectively under varying circumstances.

Certified Armorers

Several of the Firearms Instructors are also Certified Armorers who are trained to repair and inspect department firearms. The instructors not only train personnel on the use of their duty weapons, they also train in the use of special weaponry including:
  • Colt M-16 and AR-15 Rifles
  • H&K MP-5 Assault Rifle
  • Remington 870 12 Gauge Shotgun
  • Various Off-Duty and Personal Back-Up Weapons

Use of Force Training

The Firearm Instructors use classroom training to discuss Use of Force issues and computerized firearms training, utilizing a high-tech computerized simulator (FATS). They also maintain firearms training records and oversee the inspection and repair of all police firearms.