Driving Instructors

Police Driving Course
To be a police officer, you are required to drive a patrol vehicle 8 to 10 hours per day through the worst conditions possible; rain, fog, sleet, and sometimes even snow, at high speeds, through tight squeezes, and on dark stormy nights. There's also the distraction of the radio, utilizing spotlights, or trying to locate a suspect lurking in the shadows.

Defensive Driving Skills

The department has police officers specially trained in Defensive Driving Skills who provide training to all employees who drive a vehicle in the course of their duties. The training is provided semi-annually and consists of a 10 hour training day. Instruction is performed both in the classroom and at a driving facility. The classroom portion of the instruction includes:
  • Review and analyze past pursuits and collisions involving police vehicles
  • Review of case law decisions concerning emergency vehicle operation
  • Review of current department policies regarding code 3 and pursuit driving
  • Written examination