Additional Duties

Not only do the Driving Instructors provide instruction to our employees, they also perform many other important functions.

Vehicle Inspection

They inspect and evaluate the police vehicles, as well as their safety equipment, to determine if they are safe for use. Because police vehicles contain a great deal of equipment such as spot lights, shotguns, and radios, the Driving Instructors review collisions involving police vehicles to determine if the placement of this equipment poses a safety risk.

For example, a past collision revealed that an officer who had his hand in front of the wheel during a collision, was injured when the airbag deployed and propelled the hand into his face. This issue was reviewed and is now passed on to the employees through training.


The Driving Instructors also research new technologies such as the Vehicular Spike Strip and make recommendations regarding its purchase and deployment. They also review and update the department's Emergency Vehicle Operations policy on a yearly basis.

Important Job

As you can see, the Driving Instructors provide a critical training need to the employees of the City of Santa Rosa. Because of their efforts, our department experiences fewer traffic accidents, thus reducing the risks of injury to our employees, as well as the citizens of our community.