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About Tennis & Pickleball

Recreation and Parks offers a great variety of tennis/pickleball opportunities for all ages and abilities.

Youth Tennis

Youth Tennis Classes
Sessions: 9/6-9/29; 10/11-11/3
Tue/Thu, 5-6pm • Ages 8-12
Galvin Community Park Tennis Courts
3330 Yulupa Ave, Santa Rosa
$100-$110 (8 classes)

All aspects of tennis are covered in these fun-filled camps! Participants receive instruction, have practice time and game time. Equipment balls and court size will follow the USTA’s 10 and under pathway for Red, Orange and Green Ball tennis. Please bring your own tennis racquet and water bottle.

Youth Pickleball

Youth Pickleball Classes
Sessions: 9/7-9/28; 10/5-10/26; 11/30-12/21; 1/25-2/15
Wed, 4-5pm • Ages 12-17
Finley Community Park Pickleball Courts
2060 W. College Ave, Santa Rosa
$50-$60 (4 classes)

Focus on certain aspects of the game each week, utilizing fun and competitive drills, and practice those skills in games. Bring your own paddle, or the instructor can provide a paddle if you do not yet own one. Please wear court shoes and bring water for hydration.

Adult Tennis

Stay active after work and on the weekends. No membership or reservation needed - just fresh air, lighted courts and fun outdoors! Courts are located at Galvin Community Park, Howarth Memorial Park and Finley Community Park and are first come, first serve, except for league and tournament play (which requires a permit) and Recreation & Parks programs/classes.

Adult Pickleball

Join the fun and learn to play one of the fastest growing sports in the country. No membership or reservation needed – just join the fun!  Courts are located at Finley Community Park and Howarth Memorial Park and are first come, first serve, except for league and tournament play (which requires a permit) and Recreation & Parks programs/classes.

Learn to Play Pickleball and Skills & Drills Classes (Beginner to Advanced)
Multiple sessions September through January
Varying days and times
Finley or Howarth Community Park Pickleball Courts
$70-$175 (4-7 classes)

Cover basic shot techniques, movement to the ball, the rules, court positioning, equipment, and simple strategy. 

General Information and Rules

The courts are available 7 days a week from dawn to dusk. Lighted courts are open until 10pm. All players must abide by court rules and regulations posted on entrance to courts. No person shall provide or offer tennis/pickleball lessons for compensation on City-owned courts without a permit from the Recreation and Parks Department per City Council Policy 000-09.

  • Finley Community Park - 3 dual lined tennis courts, 8 dual lined pickleball courts with portable nets, and 4 dedicated pickleball courts. Tennis play has priority on courts 1 & 2. Pickleball play has priority on courts 3 & 4. Courts are unlighted and close at sunset.
  • Galvin Community Park - 11 dedicated tennis and 4 dedicated youth 10 and under tennis courts. Courts are lighted and close at 10pm.
  • Howarth Memorial Park - 5 dedicated tennis and 4 dedicated pickleball courts Tennis courts 5 & 4 are CLOSED due to need repairs to the court foundation. Courts are lighted and close at 10pm.

Renting Tennis/Pickleball Courts for League/Tournament Play

All tennis and pickleball classes and/or tournaments must be authorized by the City of Santa Rosa Recreation & Park Department. Classes and/or tournaments take precedence on the courts at all times. To rent the Galvin, Finley or Howarth Park Tennis/Pickleball courts, call 707-543-4317.

Tennis Pricing

Rental Fees:
$9/hr per court (April 1 - Oct 31)
$7/hr per court (Nov 1 - March 31)

League Play Fees:
$10 per match per court
$7 per player per season

Pickleball Pricing

Private Rental:
$4.50/hr per 2 courts (April 1 - Oct 31)
$3.50/hr per 2 courts (Nov 1 - March 31)


Tennis and Pickleball courts cannot be reserved during peak playing times.

Tennis non-reservable before noon on Saturday and Sunday.
Pickleball non-reservable between 9am-12pm everyday.


Youth/Adult Tennis
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Courts/Parks Maintenance
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