Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Board

The City's Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Board provides guidance on various active transportation infrastructure projects and programs and aids in the preparation of the City's Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan. The BPAB helps by identifying pedestrian and bicycle projects and advising on the priority of those projects. The Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan includes the background, analysis of the existing pedestrian and bike pathways, recommendations for new pedestrian and bike pathways, bicycle and pedestrian accident analysis, pedestrian and bicycle education and safety programs, and pedestrian and bicycle amenities.

Get Involved

The public is encouraged to attend BPAB meetings!  Members of the public can also submit comments to the board by emailing Board members, using the comment field below, or contacting the Staff Liaison, Torina Wilson at [email protected]. If you are interested in being considered for appointment to the BPAB, you can complete an online application. Your application will be kept on file for consideration when a vacancy occurs on the Board.


4:00 PM - 6:00 PM
On the 3rd Thursday, bimonthly
Municipal Service Center - South     
69 Stony Circle
Conference Room 3 (unless otherwise stated on the agenda)
Santa Rosa, CA 95401


Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are available prior to the meetings. Minutes are available following approval.
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Board Members

The Board consists of nine members with four-year terms. Seven of the members are appointed by individual City Council members, and two are appointed At-Large by the full City Council to represent the Disabled Community and the Senior Community.  This Board was established by Council Resolution No. 26536.
Kim Badenfort

Kim O. Badenfort, Board Chair

Email: [email protected]

Kim has experience as a bicycle commuter in a variety of environments ranging from his native Denmark, to San Francisco, and Sonoma County where he has lived since 2006. He believes that increasing Santa Rosa's share of active transportation commuters will provide community and individual health benefits, and is committed to working on lowering the barriers for adoption including safety, convenience, and culture, so that more residents may benefit from these modes of transportation.

In addition to serving on the Santa Rosa Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Board, Kim has been active in civic organizations for much of his life and appreciates the opportunity to serve on the Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Board to help shape and inform solutions for the community. Professionally, Kim works as Director of Marketing Services for a business to business media and marketing company.

Kim was appointed to the Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Board by City Council Member Chris Rogers in 2017 and reappointed for a second term in 2021.

Elizabeth Ridlington

Elizabeth Ridlington, Board Member

Email: [email protected]

Elizabeth Ridlington is associate director and senior policy analyst with Frontier Group, a think tank that works on a range of environmental and consumer-protection issues. She focuses primarily on policies to curb global warming pollution and address air pollution, and has written dozens of reports on these and other subjects. Frontier Group partners with state and federal advocacy organizations to push for adoption of better policies to protect the environment, public health and consumers.

Elizabeth believes that Santa Rosa, with its mild climate and extensive flat terrain, has tremendous potential to entice far more residents to bike and walk to work, school, stores and social activities. By making our streets friendlier and safer for people walking and biking, we can give Santa Rosans more choice of how to travel, reduce our reliance on cars, and cut climate pollution.

Appointed to the board in 2019 by Victoria Fleming, Elizabeth lives in the Junior College neighborhood with her husband and grade-school-aged son.

Dylan Prindle

Dylan Prindle, Board Member

Email: [email protected]

Dylan is a 4th generation Santa Rosa resident who has been biking around the city for the last decade. He believes that Santa Rosa’s family friendly atmosphere and core values of becoming a sustainable, happy, healthy, equitable city align perfectly with walking and bicycling. Making streets safer for these vulnerable users can improve the quality of life residents and our future generations.

When Dylan's not riding his bike he enjoys watching anime and his favorite movie Shrek. Additionally he likes playing online video games with friends where he earns victory royales.

Dylan was appointed to the BPAB in 2022 by Natalie Rogers.


Emily Kyle, Board Member

Email: [email protected]
Emily Kyle recently built a house in the Coffey Park area with her fiance. She enjoys the ability to walk around her neighborhood and be in close proximity to walk or ride her bike to stores. She believes there is potential in the Coffey park area and around Santa Rosa to revamp the streets and sidewalks to provide safe roads for bicyclists and pedestrians all around.

Emily currently works for the City of Novato, focusing on asset management to document the condition of City facilities and plan for future maintenance and capital improvements. She holds a Master’s Degree in Public Administration and Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology, both from Sonoma State University.

Emily was appointed to the BPAB by council member Jeff Okrepkie in 2023.

Doug McKenzie, Board Member

Email: [email protected]
Doug McKenzie is an avid cyclist and endurance athlete. He commutes by bicycle whenever possible. He has been active in bicycle advocacy since the early 2000s. He served two years on the SCBC board and remains active in the SRCC and SCBC volunteering for events whenever time allows. His main goal with the BPAB is ensuring safe streets for cyclists, pedestrians and motorists alike.

Doug has served on the BPAB since 2013 and was most recently appointed by Jack Tibbetts.
Tanya Narath Tanya Narath, Board Member
Email: [email protected]

Tanya Narath has lived in northwest Santa Rosa for almost 30 years. She enjoys walking and running along the creek paths near her home and likes experimenting with new ways of getting around in Santa Rosa. Her office in downtown Santa Rosa is close enough that she can run, walk, bike, or take Santa Rosa City Bus to get to work. She is passionate about creating safer and more convenient ways for all residents to walk and bike in Santa Rosa.

Tanya was appointed to the BPAB in 2020 by council member John Sawyer.

Tanya Narath Paul Schwarz, Board Member
Email: [email protected]

A resident of Santa Rosa since 1984, Paul has utilized active transportation on foot and bicycle throughout most quadrants and many routes of the City. His experience with bicycle and pedestrian transit modes informs a belief that increased use of these options depends on making sidewalks and bike routes safer and more visible to vehicles, as well as educating users to the rules of the road. These actions will improve interactions between and among cyclists, pedestrians, and vehicles, based on a common understanding of the rights and responsibilities of each group. Increasing the percentage of active transportation will lead to a more dynamic and vibrant urban environment, improved health of the citizenry, and a generally healthier environment.

Paul has been a member of the Santa Rosa Cycling Club since 2006, and also enjoys day hiking and backpacking.

Paul was appointed to the Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Board by the Santa Rosa City Council in 2021.