Bikes on Buses

Bringing Your Bike

To help you get where you want to go, Santa Rosa CityBus allows bicycles on all bus routes. The bike racks on the front are quick and easy to use. If there is room inside the bus, you can secure your bike in the area reserved for people using wheel chairs. There is no additional fee to bring your bike along when you are traveling on Santa Rosa CityBus.

If you have any questions or would like additional information, please call 707-543-3333.

  • The bicycle must fit in the racks wheel slots, which can accommodate a standard sized adult bicycle. The maximum size is 80 inches long, 48 inches tall and 24 inches wide.
  • Bicyclists may use the bike racks on the front of the buses on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • Bicyclists must load and unload their own bicycle. For safety reasons, operators cannot leave the bus to provide assistance.
  • Bicyclists use Santa Rosa CityBus bicycle racks at their own risk. Santa Rosa CityBus is not responsible for any loss or damage to bikes.
  • The bike can not crowd or block the aisle.
  • Only human-powered and sealed dry cell electric-assisted bikes are allowed. Two-wheeled bikes only. Recumbent, tandems, motorized, three-wheeled, muddy, dirty, or greasy bikes are not allowed.
  • Santa Rosa City Code requires bicyclists to walk bicycles in the Downtown Transit Mall, when using sidewalks and on pedestrian walkways in shopping centers (Santa Rosa City Ordinance Number 13-36.010 and 9.22.020B). 
  • Be prepared to lock and leave your bike if the exterior bike racks are full and there is not ample room inside the bus.
  • Wheelchair passengers have priority at all times. A bicyclist may be asked to remove their bike from the inside of the bus prior to arriving at their destination to accommodate a person using a wheelchair or if the bus is standing-room only.

Loading Your Bike on to the Exterior Bike Rack

As the bus approaches your stop have your bike ready to go. Remove all items from your bicycle that could:
  • Fall off the bike
  • Interfere with securing it on the rack
  • Obstruct the driver's view


  • Do not step into oncoming traffic!
  • If the bike rack is closed (upright position) squeeze the handle to release the latch and then fold down the bike rack.
  • Lift your bike onto the rack fitting the wheels into the wheel slots. If only one bike is being loaded put the bike in the position closest to the bus (inside position). If two bikes are loaded at the same time the bike going the shortest distance should be loaded furthest from the bus (outside position).
  • Raise the securing arm over the front tire. Bike racks many not be used without the securing arm in place. Do not lock your bicycle to the rack.
  • When the bus comes to a complete stop inform the driver that you will be loading a bike on the rack. If the racks are full and there is available room in the interior wheel chair area the driver will instruct you to bring the bike into the bus
Bike on Bus Front


  • When the bus reaches your stop, tell the operator that you will be unloading your bicycle.
  • Do not step into oncoming traffic!
  • Make sure the driver sees you before stepping in front of the bus to unload your bicycle.
  • Raise the securing arm off the bike's tire.
  • Carefully lift your bike off the rack toward the curb. If the bike rack is empty, return it to its secured upright position.
  • Move away from the bus and signal the driver when you are safely clear of the bus.