• Rodgers - runs through Santa Rosa, Northern Hayward, Maacama, San Andreas

Seismic Zone

  • 26, A3

Insurance Rating


California Earthquake Authority (CEA) policies are available exclusively through CEA participating insurance companies and are available when an existing residential insurance policy is in place. Participating insurance companies handle all servicing of the CEA policy including applications, renewals, billing, and claims.


The commercial rate is 10% of the building's value, subject to minimum premium of $10,000 per location. Applicable deductible is 15%. Very limited number of commercial earthquake insurers.


  • 63% probability of a 6.7+ or greater between 2007 - 2036 in the San Francisco Bay Region
  • 31% probability of a 6.7+ or greater on the Rodgers Fault between 2007 - 2036

Loss Estimates - Building Damage, Economic Loss

  • Rodgers Fault - Magnitude 7.0 - $8,000,000,000
  • Rodgers + Northern Hayward Faults - Magnitude 7.1 - $20,000,000,000

Loss Reduction Plan