Beat 8

Beat 8, located in the south-central portion of the city, is bordered on the west by US Highway 101, on the northwest by Highway 12, on the northeast by Sonoma Avenue, and the city limits to the east and south.   

Beat 8 Lieutenant

Contact Name                 E-Mail

Hackett, D.                    [email protected]

Beat 8 Sergeant

Contact Name                 E-Mail

Seffens, P. [email protected]

Beat 8 Officer Contact Information

Contact Name                 E-Mail

Darden, S.  [email protected]

Sulonen, S. [email protected]

Tamayo, J.                   a[email protected]

Berg, G                   [email protected]
Lamb, D. [email protected]     
Edmonds, A. [email protected]

Vorreiter, D. [email protected]

Keaney, S.  [email protected]