Report a Spill

A spill is considered any material or fluid other than rain that has the potential to be conveyed to, or directly discharges to the storm drain system. Only rain is allowed down the storm drain.

Hazardous or unknown spills

  • Call 911 or 707-528-5151

Non-emergencies/ non-hazardous

Non-emergencies still need a fast response so call as soon as possible. 

  • 707-543-3800 - During Business Hours (Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.)
  • 707-543-3805 - After Hours

When You See the Following Type of Emergency Spills, Please Call 911:

  • Unknown substance
  • Chemicals (includes oil and grease)
  • Vehicle fluids flowing or running (such as oil, gasoline, diesel)
  • Paint reaching the creek or storm drain
  • 55 gallon drum
  • Compressed gas cylinder
  • White powder
  • Spill during heavy rain
  • Power-washing of lead-based paint
  • Smoking or fuming substance/container
  • Large spill running in street, gutter or creek
  • Release from a commercial facility
  • Spill or crime in progress
  • Other hazard to health or safety (anything blocking the street or entrance to school)

For All Other Spills Please Call 707-543-3800:

  • Washing of parts or equipment
  • Paint not reaching the creek or storm drain
  • Washing cars
  • Mud, dirt or silt
  • Concrete/saw cutting
  • Pool water
  • Power washing
  • Yard waste
  • Leaves in gutter
  • Illegal dumping
  • Septic/human waste not out of the sewer system (such as RV discharge, buckets of human waste)
  • Vehicle fluids dripping or small puddle (such as oil, gasoline, diesel)
  • Other minor spill

When Calling in a Spill Please Provide the Following Information:

  • Where the incident occurred (street address, cross street, business name)
  • When the incident occurred. Is it presently occurring?
  • What was the incident?
  • What materials are involved? (Describe the materials: dry/wet, wood/concrete/etc.
  • How much material is involved?
  • Is the material flowing into the street/gutter?
  • Has the material reached the storm drain or creek?
  • Do you know who is responsible? Do you have a license plate, phone number or photos you are willing to provide?
  • Are you willing to leave your name and phone number, or do you prefer to remain anonymous?
  • Are you a City employee?