Planning Process

Every project is different: from the type of business to where it's to be located. If you're turning an old bookstore into a restaurant, you’ll have to clear different hurdles than someone opening a legal office in a brand new facility.

We can't predict every unique process point for everyone, but we can help you understand the basic flow of our permitting process.

Use the map below to understand the key points of planning and permitting. As always, the best path to success is by learning what you need to do before you begin. We're always here to help however we can. 

1. Plan



  • Consult our planning tools: GIS Portal and Zoning Maps
  • Get a pre-consultation with Planning
  • Use our services: we can provide demographics information, site evaluation, and fee estimate.

2. Act


Submitting Your Application

Be sure to fill out all appropriate forms;
  • Provide all official business name/license information in your initial application
  • Be sure to start with Planning; don't try to skip ahead to Fire or Water because you know you may need to consult with them

3. Review


Working Together With Us

  • We work with hundreds of applicants each month
  • Average wait time on new applications is 6 weeks
  • Need to update information? Contact your planner.

If approved, see 5. Launch. If changes are needed, see 4. Adjust.

4. Adjust


Making Changes

  • Address all changes before re-submitting application
  • If you have any questions, ask for clarity before re-submitting
Once adjustments are completed, your application will be reviewed again.

5. Launch


Celebrating Success

  • Consult our team on a host of post-launch services
  • Connect with other local businesses
*On very rare occasions, the City may recommend a project is not viable based on ministerial and/or discretionary criteria.