Forms & Applications

We organize all of these documents in one place so you don't have to search the website for what you need. These documents are categorized by building, planning, and engineering purposes.

Please note: All applications must be submitted in-person.


All discretionary projects, and most building permit submittals, must include the Storm Water Determination Worksheet (PDF) to identify whether or not the project is required to include post-construction storm water treatment BMPs. Projects that are required to implement post-construction storm water treatment BMPs should provide a Preliminary Storm Water Treatment Plan with the discretionary permit application(s). The revised storm water treatment requirements are summarized on the City's storm water webpage.

An electronic form of this worksheet as well as a manually completed form of the worksheet and a LID Design Calculator are available for download from the City's Stormwater LID Technical Manual.

Planning Forms

  1. Concept Design Review (PDF)
  2. Concept Landmark Alteration App (PDF)
  3. Conditional Use Permit (PDF)
  4. Design Review Application (PDF)
  5. Development Review Pre-Application Meeting App (PDF)
  6. Environmental Assessment App (PDF)
  7. Extension Request App (PDF)
  8. General Plan Amendment App (PDF)
  9. General Plan Consistency App (PDF)
  10. Growth Management App (PDF)
  11. Hillside Development Permit App (PDF)
  12. Home Occupation App (PDF)
  13. Home Occupation Exemption Worksheet (PDF)
  14. Indemnification Agreement (PDF)
  15. Landmark Alteration App (PDF)
  16. Landmark Designation App (PDF)
  17. Lot Line Adjustment App (PDF)
  18. Lot Merger App (PDF)
  19. Modification of Final Map App (PDF)
  20. On Site Sign Installation (PDF)
  21. PD Policy Statement Example (PDF)
  22. Pre-Application Neighborhood Meeting (PDF)
  23. Project Revision Update Form (PDF)
  24. Public Information Services App (PDF)
  25. Rezoning Application (PDF)
  26. Site Analysis Neighborhood Context (PDF)
  27. Subdivision Tentative Map Application (PDF)
  28. Temporary Banner Sign (PDF)
  29. Temporary Campaign Sign (PDF)
  30. Tree Removal Permit (PDF)
  31. Utility Certificate App (PDF)
  32. Vacation of Public Easement App (PDF)
  33. Zoning Variance (PDF)
  34. Annexation Prezoning (PDF)
  35. Appeal Application
  36. CAP New Development Checklist (PDF)
  37. CDB Instructions Declaration of Restriction of Occupancy 2008
  38. Declaration Of Restrictions (PDF)
  39. Density Bonus (PDF)
  40. Design Concept Narrative (PDF)
  41. Disclosure Form/Partnership and Corporation Disclosure Form
  42. Landmark Alteration Application (PDF)
  43. Policy Statement Example (PDF)
  44. Public Convenience or Necessity (PDF)
  45. Sign Permit App (PDF)
  46. Sign Variance Application (PDF)
  47. Storm Water Determination Worksheet-2016 NPDES (PDF)
  48. Water Efficient Landscape Post July 2007 (PDF)
  49. Water Efficient Landscape Pre July 2007 (PDF)