Find Your Zoning District

If you are beginning to research opening a business, it is important to know if there are any zoning requirements or restrictions that apply to your particular type of business or location. You can determine the zoning district of your potential site using the City's user-friendly interactive GIS map by following these easy steps:

1. Visit the City of Santa Rosa's GIS map site.

GIS Map Example Opens in new window

2. Enter an address in the Search bar in the upper right corner.

  • Because street suffixes are abbreviated in the database, it's easiest to leave it off when searching. Otherwise, use St, Drive, Avenue, Lane, Road, Wy, Boulevard, Pkwy, etc.
  • For numbered streets, use 1st St, 2nd St, 3rd St, etc. instead of First St, Second St, Third St, etc.

Search Bar Example

3. When the search results come up, click on the item with the brown icon for its details.

Search Results Example

4. Scroll down through the details to find the Zoning Code.

Finding Zoning Code Example

5. Using the two or three letter/number code, find your zoning district online.

Now that you’ve determined your zoning district, you can find out the land use and permit requirements for that district.