Zoning Requirements

If you are beginning your research into opening a business, after finding your zoning it is important to know if there are any zoning requirements or restrictions that apply to your particular type of business or location. There is a vast resource of current information available on the City's website and this guide is designed to help you make better use of these tools. Please note that you will need to contact the Planning Division for final determinations on zoning. Also keep in mind that, depending on your type of business, there may be other necessary permits or requirements that are not listed here.

The Zoning Code contains tables that list the various land use and permit requirements for each zoning district. The sample below illustrates the various components of these zoning tables.

Zoning Table Example

In this section you will find more information on each component with links to pertinent areas of the Zoning Code and other resources.

Code Tip

When consulting the Zoning Code, be aware of any Code Alerts listed at the top of the page. The Alerts will provide links to PDFs of ordinances that are in effect but have yet to be integrated into the Code.

Code Alert Example

Land Use

For definitions of land use terms, see the Zoning Code’s glossary.

Permit Requirements

Consult the following chart to view specific information on a given permit/designation:

Abbreviation Requirements
P Permitted subject to compliance with all applicable provisions of the Zoning Code, subject to first obtaining a Zoning Clearance (Section 20-52.020).
MUP Allowed subject to the approval of a Minor Use Permit (Section 20-52.050).
CUP Allowed subject to the approval of a Conditional Use Permit (Section 20-52.050).
S Allowed subject to the type of City approval required by a specific provision of Chapter 20-42 (Standards for Specific Land Uses).
- Not allowed in particular zoning districts.

Note: A land use authorized through the approval of a Zoning Clearance, Minor Use Permit, or Conditional Use Permit may also require Design Review approval (Section 20‑52.030), a Building Permit, or other permit required by the City Code.

Subject to Specific Provisions

Where the last column in the table ("Specific Use Regulations") includes a section number, the regulations in the referenced section apply to the use.

Zoning District

Select "Purposes" to view descriptions of the various zoning districts. Select "Requirements" to view a zoning table (like the sample) for each category.