Board of Community Services

The Board of Community Services reviews City recreational and cultural policies, facilities and programs, and advises the City Council on their adequacy and effectiveness, as well as advising Council on matters relating to community beautification. The Board also assists the Director of Recreation and Parks in the formulation of rules and regulations for the use of City parks and recreational facilities.

The Board consists of seven members and meets on the 4th Wednesday of each month at 4 p.m. Public participation is invited. Meetings are located at the Finley Community Center, 2060 West College Avenue, unless otherwise indicated. Agendas and minutes are provided on this website.

Current Board Members are:
Stan Gow, Chair
Carolina Spence, Vice Chair
Carole Quandt, Board Member
Pamela Van Halsema, Board Member
Terri Griffin, Board Member
Kathy Hayes, Board Member
Sandra Wandel, Board Member

Staff can be contacted at 707-543-3292.

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