Learn to Ride CityBus

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Learn to Ride CityBus Travel Training Program is designed to introduce riders to the latest tools for planning, tracking and paying for transit as well as the benefits of riding Santa Rosa CityBus and the other regional transportation agencies. Taking a little time to learn how to utilize CityBus services gives anyone the independence they need to get where they need to go, when they want to go! This short (30 minute), comprehensive training introduces riders to the features of CityBus's website, and provides helpful information on fares, myStop App, Google planning tools, Clipper, and regional transfers. Riders learn how to read the CityBus System Route Map and Time Schedules so they can comfortably plan their CityBus trip.

Free Classes

CityBus staff will be happy to conduct a Learn to Ride CityBus training via Zoom or at your facility for groups of 5 or more. Call 707-543-3334 to schedule a training class.