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Post-Construction Survey

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The graph below represents the overall satisfaction of the community with the City of Santa Rosa Capital Improvement Program projects. Detailed results for each project can be found in the Survey Results Archives.
Post-Constuction Survey Results Overall_2017September

Survey Results Archives

  1. C00060 Cleveland Avenue Water and Sewer Main Improvements - Ridgway Avenue to Edwards Avenue
  2. C00223 Mohawk Street Lift Station & Force Main Realignments - Phase 1
  3. C00400 Diamond Court and Belmont Court Sewer and Water Replacement
  4. C00468 Foley Avenue Sewer Improvements
  5. C01137 Bridge Repair - Deck Treatment
  6. C01459 Mohawk Lift Station and Forcemain Realignment - Phase II
  7. C01631 Fountaingrove Parkway Water Main Upsize for High Fire Severity Zone
  8. C01673 Connect Four Private Water Systems to City Water
  9. C01707 Oakmont Dirve Water Replacement
  10. C01802 Summerfield Road and Sonoma Avenue Zone 6 and 9 Water Pumper Connections
  11. C01817 Fulton Road Sidewalk Improvements - College Avenue to Santa Rosa Creek Trail
  12. C01867 Pavement Preventive Maintenance 2015
  13. C01870 Santa Rosa Complete Streets Road Diet on Transit Corridor
  14. C01878 Jennings Avenue Sewer and Water Improvements - Herbert Street to Cleveland Avenue
  15. C01944 Sewer Main Lining, Manhole and Lateral Rehab at Various Locations 2016
  16. C01991 Prince Gateway Park Spray Ground
  17. C01996 E St Sewer Replacement - 2nd St to Santa Rosa Creek
  18. C02002 Foxwood Pl, Post Ct and Elizabeth Way Sewer Repl, Doctors Pk Dr and Gray Ct Water Repl
  19. C02071 Neighborhood Streets Initiative Slurry Seal
  20. C02081 Post Court and Simpson Pl Sewer Replacements
  21. C02082 Accessibility Alterations at Skyhawk Park
  22. C02086 Neighborhood Streets Initiative and Roseland Street Overlay
  23. C02099 Annual Slurry Seal 2017
  24. C02122 Pavement Preventive Maintenance 2017
  25. C02163 Emergency Sewer Lateral Plugging within Affected Tubbs Fire - Skyfarm & Hansford Ct.
  26. C02180 Annual Slurry Seal 2018
  27. C02206 Pavement Preventive Maintenance 2018