Street Lighting Demonstration

Project Showcase

In 2010, the City of Santa Rosa, in partnership with Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) installed a street light technology demonstration. Three types of energy efficient street lights; LED, Inductive and High Pressure Sodium are on display at the intersection of Apollo Way and Mercury Way. The project showcases the look and performance of energy efficient street lights, and has provided municipalities and businesses an opportunity to evaluate and compare these technologies in the field.

Each leg of this T-shaped intersection features a different type of street light technology. The demonstration project has helped the City of Santa Rosa compare energy consumption, ease and cost of retrofit, illumination levels, and community acceptance of these fixtures.

Evolution of Technology

The City of Santa Rosa currently uses three main types of lights: lantern style, globe style decorative and cobra-head highway-style lighting. At present the majority of these fixtures are equipped with High Pressure Sodium (HPS) bulbs. Technology in the lighting industry is evolving. Given the promise of reduced costs that flows from changes in the industry, we believe we have an obligation to the public to examine new products as they emerge.