Santa Rosa Community Empowerment Plan

November 2021

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    Danielle Garduno

    Community Engagement Coordinator
    Phone: 543-4696

Upcoming Public Meeting Information and How to Participate Virtually

For a list of upcoming meeting dates and information on how to participate virtually, please visit the City's Virtual Public Participation website.

Community Empowerment Plan 

The Santa Rosa Community Empowerment Plan is a starting point for change in recognition that the City of Santa Rosa needs to reorient efforts and change policies in a collaborative manner with the community, and particularly with our communities of color. The Plan is a result of the outcry, protests, and demands stemming from the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis on May 25, 2020. The focus of the Plan is to engage and work in partnership with the public in a way that all community members feel they have a voice and are empowered to seek and implement a better more inclusive system. An overview of this initial plan, intent and timeline will be reviewed so that it may be modified as needed based on public input. With a repetitive loop of input, action, and analysis, it is intended that the Community Empowerment Plan be iterative and ongoing, evolving based on feedback and need.


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Actions Taken by the City of Santa Rosa

The City of Santa Rosa Stands in Solidarity with Our Asian American Pacific Islander Community

Please read this important message from Mayor Chris Rogers about standing in solidarity with our Asian American Pacific Islander Community:

A Letter to Our Asian American Pacific Islander Community

Por favor, lea este importante mensaje del alcalde Chris Rogers sobre solidarizarse con nuestra comunidad asiático-americana de las islas del Pacífico:

Una carta a nuestra comunidad: Solidaridad con nuestra comunidad asiático-americana de las islas del Pacífico

Actions for Change: A Commitment from the Santa Rosa City Council and City Manager

Santa Rosa is an Indivisible City

The Santa Rosa City Council passed a resolution on Feb. 7, 2017 declaring Santa Rosa an Indivisible City to safeguard the civil rights, safety, and dignity of all Santa Rosa residents. This resolution remains in place today, and it is important to note that the Santa Rosa Police Department does not undertake joint efforts with federal, state or local law enforcement agencies to investigate, detain, or arrest individuals solely for violation of federal immigration law. Additionally, the City Council passed a resolution in 2018 opposing the separation of children and families at the U.S. - Mexico border. Both resolutions can be below:

  • Resolution of the City Council to Declare Itself an Indivisible City and Safeguard the Civil Rights, Safety, and Dignity of All Santa Rosa Residents: RES-2017-017
  • Resolution of the City Council Opposing the Separation of Children and Families at the U.S. - Mexico Border: RES-2018-119
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Listening Sessions Summaries

Updated 2.2.21
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Community Engagement staff have been busy coordinating and attending meetings in alignment with Goal One objectives of the Community Empowerment Plan. The intended outcome of these meetings is to understand the concerns and priorities of Santa Rosa and Sonoma County Black, Indigenous, and Latinx community members, to improve and strengthen the City’s relationships with these community groups, and to find actions that will positively affect the quality of life of our underrepresented residents. Summaries of these listening sessions are listed below.

Resúmenes de sesiones de escucha

El personal de Participación Comunitaria ha estado ocupado coordinando y asistiendo a reuniones en alineación con los objetivos de la Meta Uno del Plan de Participación Comunitaria. El resultado esperado de estas reuniones es comprender las preocupaciones y prioridades de los miembros de la comunidad afroamericana, indígena y latina de los condados de Santa Rosa y Sonoma, para mejorar y fortalecer las relaciones de la Ciudad con estos grupos comunitarios y encontrar acciones que afecten positivamente la calidad de vida de nuestros residentes subrepresentados. Los resúmenes de estas sesiones de escucha se enumeran a continuación.

To learn more about Santa Rosa Police Department changes, CLICK HERE.
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