Local Campaign Finance Regulations

The City of Santa Rosa has adopted local campaign finance regulations that, among other things, establish a limit on contributions from a single person or entity to $500 per election per candidate, require additional campaign disclosure reports, require additional disclaimers on campaign communications, require electronic filing of campaign disclosure statements, and establish additional requirements for campaign robocalls made in City elections.

Ordinance Number 4027

On May 6, 2014, the City Council adopted Ordinance Number 4027, which amended the City's campaign finance regulations. Some of the more notable provisions are summarized below. All candidates, committees, and persons or entities receiving and/or expending funds to support or oppose City Council candidates or City ballot measures are strongly encouraged to thoroughly read Santa Rosa City Code Chapter 10-32 (Campaign Finance Regulations (PDF)) to ensure full compliance with all provisions.

Electronic Filing Requirement

Effective July 1, 2014, Santa Rosa City Code section 10-32.060 requires all incumbents, candidates for elective office, and committees supporting or opposing local candidates or ballot measures to file campaign disclosure statements electronically. The City Clerk's Office has contracted with NetFile to provide a free, web-based electronic campaign disclosure statement filing system. The system is fully searchable for use by the public. This ensures the highest level of transparency and accountability so that voters and members of the public can be fully informed. Elected officials, candidates, and committees who are required to file campaign disclosure statements with the City of Santa Rosa must do so through the NetFile system. Once filed, campaign statements may be viewed by visiting the Public Portal for Campaign Finance Disclosure.


Each committee will need one user ID and password to access the NetFile system. NetFile users may access the log-in page and instructions via the NetFile website. Additionally, all committees must have a signed Signature Verification Card (PDF) on file with City Clerk's Office in order to file statements electronically. Signature verification cards must be signed and submitted for each officeholder, candidate, or principal officer and the committee treasurer. For more information regarding the NetFile electronic filing system, please email the City Clerk's Office or call them at 707-543-3015.

Robocall Regulations

Santa Rosa City Code sections 10-32.030 (L), 10 32, 200 and 10-32.210 establish new robocall regulations for City elections. Click here for more information regarding the City's robocall regulations.

24-Hour Independent Expenditure Reports

Santa Rosa City Code sections 10-32.030 (J) and 10-32.180 lower the threshold for 24-hour reporting of independent expenditures 90 days prior to the election from $1,000 (state law threshold) to $500 (City threshold).

24-Hour Contribution Reports

Santa Rosa City Code sections 10-32.030 (H) and 10-32.080 require 24-hour reporting of any contribution of $100 or more in the aggregate that is made to or received by a candidate, a controlled committee, or a committee formed or existing primarily to support or oppose a candidate or measure within 16 days before the date of the election.

Penalties for Failure to Include Disclaimers on Mailers

Santa Rosa City Code section 10-32.220 (B)(2) imposes an increased penalty of $5,000 for failure to comply with the disclaimer requirements for campaign mailers as listed in Santa Rosa City Code section 10 32, 190.

Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) Regulations, Forms, & Manuals

In addition to complying with all provisions of the City's Campaign Finance Regulations, all City candidates and committees must comply with the requirements of the Political Reform Act and FPPC Regulations. FPPC manuals and forms may be obtained from the FPPC website or from the City Clerk's Office.