Eddie Alvarez Candidate Statement

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District 1 Candidate
Eddie Alvarez


760 Sebastopol Road
Santa Rosa, CA 95407

(707) 615-2866
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Website: Imwitheddie.com

I am running for Santa Rosa City Council District 1 because for too long we have been working for our government when it should be working for us. The problems we face in this time of COVID-19 are many, and the need for us to work together has never been more clear. A local housing crisis, rents spiraling out of control, persistent homelessness, a growing economic recession, impacts of climate change such as wildfires, and lagging infrastructure in our neighborhoods are just a few of the challenges we face. I will work every day to bring solutions to these problems and represent our community with pride and dignity.  

Southwest Santa Rosa desperately needs a library, sidewalks, and street repair, better wi-fi, policing reforms, and renewed investment in our neighborhoods and business corridors. The past several years has seen incremental progress; now we have the opportunity for Roseland and South Park to have a strong voice that is willing to fight for us on the city council.

As a lifelong resident of Santa Rosa, I am ready for this opportunity to serve as a City Councilmember. I was born at Memorial Hospital to hard-working blue-collar parents. As a child I carried buckets of grapes, helping my mother, in the mountains of Sonoma County. Early on, I learned the meaning of hard work and community service. I have worked hard and know the challenges that face our small business owners and their families.

I grew up appreciating the character and heart of the Roseland community. I have witnessed first-hand the lack of attention and funding Roseland and South Park have received from previous elected leaders. The inequity of resources is apparent in the lack of sidewalks, street lighting, parks, and infrastructure investment.

When I’m elected, I will focus attention on these key areas:

• Dignity in Employment - Our working families need opportunities and protections.

• Housing for All - We need to find solutions for our housing affordability crisis.

• Police Reforms - Modernize our policing, using community based practices.

• Infrastructure Improvements - Our streets need an advocate for the resources to create transportation equity. We need a library in our district, and better connectivity for all.

• COVID-19 Recovery - Support our struggling businesses, and protect workers and families.

• Homeless Solutions - Coordinate services that make sense. Respect our neighborhoods, and invest upstream to prevent chronic homelessness.

I embrace our community’s diversity as our strength. It is time we have a community leader that will champion change, while fighting for the character and soul of our beloved Southwest community. Our neighborhoods need a strong advocate at city hall to bring home wins for District 1, and I have the rollup-your-sleeves-attitude to get the job done.

Voting for Eddie Alvarez for Santa Rosa City Council is choosing a pathway toward solutions to our problems. We are stronger, together. 

My website is www.imwitheddie.com, my personal cell phone is (707) 615-2866, and I would be honored to receive your vote.