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Between March 2015 and August 2016, the City of Santa Rosa completed a comprehensive re-design of its CityBus system, called Reimagining CityBus.

Riders & Residents Helped to Shape the New Bus System

Reimagining CityBus included over 100 public outreach events, meeting and stakeholder consultations, with riders and residents directly helping to shaping the final design. The City's Transit Planning Team presented the community with a blank slate and gave residents an opportunity to share what they wanted to see in the new CityBus system. The result of Reimagining CityBus is a new transit system for Santa Rosa that features:
  • 15 minute service in high-ridership corridors
  • More direct routes
  • More 2-way service to help reduce transit travel time
  • A bus system more convenient and useful for riders
The Santa Rosa City Council was actively involved in developing the new bus system and adopted the Final Plan in August 2016.

The new bus system is essentially a roadmap for creating a modern transit system to meet the current and future needs of Santa Rosans. The redesigned bus system is organized into two phases - Phase One will be launched in spring 2017, and Phase Two which includes features such as improved late night and weekend service, will be incorporated as funding becomes available for these transit system improvements and growth through 2025.

New Improvements

CityBus plans to implement the new bus system in spring 2017. Riders can soon expect to see:
  • An all new bus system map
  • Renumbered bus routes - (low numbers for frequent routes on high ridership corridors, and high numbers for routes with lower frequency and ridership)
  • All new schedules for each route
  • Redesigned bus stop signs with information on accessing real-time bus arrival information at each stop
  • Several new bus stops and improvements to existing bus stops and pedestrian facilities to provide better access for transit riders

Learn More

To learn more about the new system, check out the adopted map (PDF) for the new bus system and the Reimagining CityBus Final Report (PDF). Stay current on the roll-out activities for the new bus system by subscribing to receive email updates about Your New CityBus.

If you need help understanding the new CityBus system or, or have other questions or concerns, please call us at 707-543-3333, or email us.