Tips for CityBus Riders

Plan Your CityBus Trip

  • Check the CityBus Map and Time Schedules before you leave home.
  • Write down the bus route number(s) and the scheduled times the bus arrives at your stops.
  • Plan to arrive at your bus stop a few minutes early.
  • Have your exact cash fare, ticket, CityPass or transfer ready.
  • Tell the driver where you are going.
  • Once on the bus, move directly to the first convenient seat.
  • Know which two bus stops are before the one you want.
  • Remember to check the weather and plan accordingly.
  • Be sure to wear comfortable clothing and shoes.
  • Carry your identification and emergency contact information.
  • Bring any medications or items you might need.
  •  Avoid weighing yourself down with a heavy purse or packages.
  • Be prepared.

Reading the System Map & Time Schedules

  • Find the bus stops closest to your current location and destination on the System Route Map.
  • Read the column headings to find the bus stop closest to where you want to catch the bus.
  • Read down this column to find the time most convenient for you. This column shows each time a bus is due at a bus stop during the day.
  • To catch a bus at a stop between those indicated, check the times the bus stops before and after your stop. Estimate the time for your stop based on the distance to the nearest bus stop listed on the schedule. Allow about five extra minutes.
  • Read across the schedule from your boarding time to see when you will arrive at your destination.

While You Are on CityBus

  • Please remain seated until the bus comes to a complete stop.
  •  Use the handrails for safety.
  • The seats closest to the front of the bus are reserved for elderly and disabled riders.
  • Please do not distract the bus driver while they are driving.
  • Eating, drinking, or smoking are not permitted on board the bus.
  • Only assistance animals and small animals in secure containers are permitted.
  • Please do not play audio devices without headphones.
  •  Hazardous materials are not permitted on board.
  •  Avoid blocking the aisles with large items.
  • Passengers with babies and stroller should hold the baby and store the stroller out of the aisle.
  • Appropriate clothing and shoes are required.