The Revenue Division provides billing and collection services for City water and sewer utilities, and is responsible for business tax management, utility taxes, City taxes, and miscellaneous receivables, with total collections of approximately $186 million per year.

Revenue Division Sections

There are four sections in the Revenue Division:


Provides overall direction and planning, oversees the division's budget and contract managements, and provides administrative support for all programs.

Water Billing Operation & Collection

Provides over 52,000 water and sewer customers with account services, monthly billing, annual account audits, leak adjustment program, billing inquiries, customer outreach, daily payment processing, and collects on delinquent water and sewer accounts.

Water Billing Field

Reads over 52,000 water meters each month, processes starts and stops of water service, and provides field service work.

Revenue & Collections

Provides billing and collection of miscellaneous receivables, assessments and franchise fees, and collection of various taxes (Utility User, Transient Occupancy, Real Property Transfer, Property, Sales).

Roseland Area Annexation - Address Listing

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