City Taxes & Franchise Fees

Alcohol Sales Permit Fee

In accordance with City Code, there is imposed on each ABC Licensee an Alcohol Sales Permit Fee for each licensed premises in the City of Santa Rosa where the ABC Licensee sells alcohol. The fee is payable annually and is due no later than April 1st of each year.

Construction & Demo Debris Hauling Franchise Fee

The Santa Rosa City Council has adopted an ordinance regulating construction and demolition debris (C&D) hauling services within the City. All C&D haulers operating within the City are required to obtain a non-exclusive franchise agreement to continue lawfully providing the service.

Santa Rosa Tourism BIA Assessment

The Santa Rosa Tourism Business Improvement Area Advisory Board works to provide efficient and complementary destination marketing; tourism and convention sales to benefit lodging operators by marketing Santa Rosa as a tourist destination and providing programs that encourage overnight stays.

Sonoma County Tourism BIA Assessment

View a financial assessment of the Sonoma County Tourism Business Improvement Area, which the City of Santa Rosa joined in May of 2004.

Taxicab Services Ordinance

In order to operate a taxi business, your business must be franchised with the City of Santa Rosa. Any persons or entity who engages in providing taxicab service within the City shall be required to enter into a non-exclusive Franchise Agreement with the City to provide such service.

Tax Ordinances

Other City Tax Ordinances, including Cannabis Industry Tax and Business Tax.

Transient Occupancy Tax

The Transient Occupancy Tax for the City of Santa Rosa is 9%. "Transient" means any person who exercises occupancy or is entitled to occupancy for a period of 30 consecutive calendar days or less.

Utility Users Tax

The City of Santa Rosa charges a 5% Utility Users Tax on the usage of certain utilities. Find more information about this tax for utility services users and providers.