Six Ways to Avoid a Parking Citation

  1. Pay the Meter

    This one is simple, just pay. Don't think you can flip on the flashers to avoid a citation because you are only going to be gone for one minute.
  2. Stash Quarters

    Although the City of Santa Rosa adopted high-tech meters that accept credit cards and coin to make paying for parking easier, keeping a roll of quarters in your glove compartment is a good idea.  Also, you can download the Passport Parking app and use your smartphone to pay for parking at any metered location in Santa Rosa!  Look for it in the App Store or on Google Play. 
  3. Garage It

    Parking garages are designed for long-term parking. If you are staying longer than several hours, parking in a garage is less expensive than getting a citation. And garage rates are lower than meters!
  4. Use Public Transportation

    Walking or taking the bus is an easy way to avoid citations. Using mass transit is good for the planet, too.
  5. Look Around

    Before leaving your vehicle, check for "No Parking" signs. Also, be sure you are not blocking a fire hydrant, illegally occupying a handicapped spot, or parked on a pedestrian crosswalk. Check that you're parked wholly within the one parking space, where lines are designated.
  6. Appeal

    If you believe the ticker was issued improperly, the City of Santa Rosa has a process that allow citizens to appeal parking citations.


If you plan to park in a metered spot, note the expiration time and plan to return a few minutes early, setting an alarm on your phone as a reminder.  By using the Passport Parking App, you will receive reminder notifications before your time expires.

Heartbreaking Stories

Dozens of children and pets die each year because they are left unattended in parked vehicles. The temperature inside the vehicle can quickly soar above 110 degrees. Never leave a person or animal in a parked car.
Image of a small dog in a car