Apply For a Permit / Reservation

  1. Due to COVID-19, all recreation programs have been altered or suspended. Please click on this button to learn about impacts to programs and review programs that are currently available. LEARN MORE & REGISTER

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Important Information Regarding the Impact of COVID-19 on Special Events

Due to the current Health Orders, most special events and event permit applications are currently on hold. No events will be permitted until the State and/or regional directives lift restrictions on such events or provide further guidance on large gatherings.

Event Permits

The City of Santa Rosa recognizes the substantial community benefits that may result from community events and wishes to encourage such public celebrations. At the same time, the City must take into consideration the public safety issues, the impact on neighborhoods and the draw on some City services which these events create. The event permit process is intended to provide a coordinated process for issuing permits and to create a mechanism for cost recovery for special events without adversely impacting those events that contribute to the community. The process is also intended to protect the rights of its citizens to engage in protected free speech activities.

Events are one-time, annual or recurring events, including, but not limited to, film production, block parties, festivals, outdoor markets, concerts, parades, walks, runs, cycling events, athletic tournaments, day camps, weddings, social gatherings and fundraisers that take place on public streets, sidewalks, alleys, parking areas, civic sites or parks, that are above and beyond the normal pattern of use.

These events require a permit from the City of Santa Rosa. Depending on the location or type of activity, please select the appropriate permit for your event. Please contact us if you are not sure which permit you need.

Picnic Reservation

For guaranteed exclusive use of a Community Park picnic area on a scheduled date (picnic reservations are not available at Neighborhood Parks).

Sports Field Reservation

For guaranteed exclusive use of a Community Park sports court or athletic field on a scheduled date.

Street Tree Removal Permit

For property owners wishing to remove their street tree.