Parking Meters
Parking on Santa Rosa streets
  1. Premium Meters
  2. Value Meters
Meter Premium Sign
Hours of Enforcement9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Time Limit3 hours
On street meters in the premium zone are in the highest demand parking areas of downtown and Railroad Square.  Park close to the main shopping/dining areas with a 3 hour time limit

Types of Meters

A parking meter may be either a single space meter or a multi-space parking pay station, which service 8-10 parking spaces depending on the location. Each meter is marked to indicate the rate and maximum amount of time a vehicle may be parked in that location. If you are unsure how long you will be parked, consider adding a little extra payment to avoid receiving an expired meter citation.

The multi-space parking pay stations issue a receipt for payment, which must be placed face-up on your vehicle dashboard.  Receipts from multi-space parking pay stations are not valid at single space meters. You can display your valid multi-space parking pay station receipt at any other parking space served by a multi-space parking meter, provided you adhere to the posted time limits.  

Use Your Smartphone

All street and lot meters are equipped to accept smartphone payments through the Passport Parking mobile payment application. This app allows you to pay for metered parking with your phone, get notifications when your meter is about to expire, and add additional time (up to the posted limit) without having to return to the parking meter. Learn more on the Passport Parking page.

Parking Violations

A vehicle may park up to the maximum posted time limit, after which, the vehicle must be moved from the block or parking lot.

Per, Santa Rosa City Code (CC 11-24.020) it is unlawful to park in a metered space during operating hours if the meter time has expired or is in violation.

Need a Receipt?

Did you use your credit card at a credit card enabled single space meter and need a receipt? We can email one to you. Visit this link to get your credit card purchases emailed to you.

Free Meter Days

  • All Sundays     
  • New Year's Day: January 1
  • Martin Luther King Day: Third Monday in January
  • President's Day: Third Monday in February
  • Memorial Day: Last Monday in May
  • Independence Day: July 4
  • Labor Day: First Monday in September
  • Veteran's Day: November 11
  • Thanksgiving Day: Fourth Thursday in November
  • Christmas Day: December 25

When a designated holiday falls on a Sunday, parking meters will be free on the Monday following that holiday, per Resolution 22199; May 2, 1995.


Contractors performing work in the Downtown or Railroad Square area may request to reserve a meter or metered space by calling 707- 543-3325 . You will need to provide the meter number(s) or location, the dates needed, and the scope of work being performed. More information about the parking meter reservation program is available here.

How to Use a Smart Meter

Watch this video to learn how to use the credit card enabled smart meters. Please note that parking rates may vary than what is shown in the video, but the process remains the same.

Parking at an Inoperable Meter

To avoid getting a citation when you have paid a meter and your payment hasn't registered you can:

  1. Use another form of payment.  Most meters accept coin and debit/credit card.  All metered spaces can be paid using the Passport Parking app;
  2. Move to another meter and pay;
  3. If you are at a space served by a multi-space meter, use the next closest kiosk to pay for your parking;
  4. Call 707-543-3346 and report to Parking staff the meter is not operating.  Parking staff will give you an estimated time a maintenance staff person can meet you at your location to diagnose the issue; or
  5. California Vehicle Code Section 22508.5 permits vehicles to remain parked at a malfunctioning (inoperable) meter up to the posted time limit.  "Inoperable parking meter" means a meter that has become inoperable and cannot accept payment in any form or cannot register that a payment in any form has been made.  Please report all malfunctioning meters by calling 707-543-3346.  If you receive an expired meter citation and you believe the meter was malfunctioning, you may choose to contest.  The Citation Review Officer will research the meter number by checking the call logs and meter repair records to make a determination.
The City regrets the inconvenience caused by a broken meter and will repair the meter as soon as possible.
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List of Parking Rates