Trip Planning Tools

Link to CityBus Trip PlannerGet real-time bus and route information with the free CityBus Trip Planner app.

Bus Stop IDs - Each bus stop has a unique ID number, which is shown at the top-left corner of the bus stop sign. Use the bus stop ID to get departure information for that bus stop.

Text Us at 321-123 to get real time bus information.   Just text us the stop ID number by adding "SR80". Example: SR80241. Texting rates may apply.

Call Us at 707-543-3333 for bus stop or route information

Link to Google Transit Trip Planner
Google Maps for Transit is an excellent option if you are looking for extensive city-to-city or state-to-state transit information.  Google also offers trip planning information for bicyclists and pedestrians
Link to is the regional trip planner for the Bay Area.
Real Time Features – For real time STOP ID information, you must add "80" to the beginning of the stop number. So for stop number 241, enter 80241 in the system.