Trip Planning Tools

Link to Clipper Card Information

Plan Your Trip–  –Similar to Google, you can see your travel options and set travel preferences, you can also save your favorite locations, stops, and stations, and receive service alerts.

Pay For Your Trip – All Bay Area transit operators accept Clipper—bus, rail, ferry and train (including SMART). Clipper provides you with with discounts, convenience and security. You can load cash value, passes or any combination on a single card for all your transit trips.

Track Your Bus – The Clipper app has real-time transit information and helpful trip planning tools to make getting around the Bay easy! 

Clipper Customer Service
at 877-878-8883

Get real-time bus and route information CityBus Real Time Information

Bus Stop IDs– Each bus stop has a unique ID number, which is shown at the top-left corner of the bus stop sign. Use the bus stop ID to get departure information for that bus stop.

Text Us at 41411 to get real time bus information. Text "SRBUS" and the stop number. Example: SRBUS 80241. Texting rates may apply.

Call Us at 707-543-3333 for bus stop or route information

Link to Google Transit Trip Planner

Google Maps for Transit is an excellent option if you are looking for extensive city-to-city or state-to-state transit information.  Google also offers trip planning information for bicyclists and pedestrians

Transit-icon-iOS-01Download the Transit App from the Apple or Android store for a more custom trip planning experience. The app allows you to plan trips for all the Bay Area transit operators and many others around the world. 

Link to is the regional trip planner for the Bay Area.
Real Time Features – For real time STOP ID information, you must add "80" to the beginning of the stop number. So for stop number 241, enter 80241 in the system.