The Violence Prevention Partnership convenes with a diverse set of policy stakeholders, direct service staff, and multi-disciplinary teams from various sectors that collectively strategizes and delivers violence prevention programming and social services. 


The Policy Team provides leadership and direction by setting policies and monitoring the effectiveness of the effort. The Policy Team is chaired by the Mayor's appointee, currently, Vice Mayor Dianna MacDonald. Members of the Team are appointed by the Chair and Violence Prevention Manager to ensure it includes policymakers from a variety of sectors including education, non-profit organizations, community groups, the business and faith community, law enforcement, and residents.


February 20201 Policy Team Meeting

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The Operational Team consists of direct services staff members such as counselors, case managers, social workers and street outreach workers that provide services to youth and families in need of support. The group meets once a month to engage in dialogue and collaborate on current trends and initiatives in the City and strategize how to best serve high-risk youth and families.

Operational Team meetings are closed to the public under the authority of the California Welfare and Institutions Code.


Leveraging the Public Safety Sales Tax revenue, the City is funded by the Sonoma County Probation Department, to administer a multi-disciplinary referral program known as GPS. Through a strength-based approach of youth development, a variety of comprehensive wrap-around services are offered to high-risk youth and families that include: workforce development, mental health services, leadership development, parent engagement & training's, and various pro-social recreational opportunities. 

Do you know an at risk youth or community member you think could benefit from services? Use the form below to submit their information. 

Forms and Resources

For more information please call (707)543-4676 or email [email protected].