Construction Meters
The City meters all connections to the distribution system whether it is a permanent or temporary connection. Typical uses of temporary meters include site water for construction purposes, testing and flushing water mains in new developments, and filling water trucks. 

Temporary Construction Meter Permit Brochure (PDF)
Temporary Construction Meter Permit Form (PDF)

Construction Meter Desk: 707-543-3917

Meter Requests
New meter sets, once approved by the inspector and submitted, take approximately one week to set. All related fees must be paid prior to the meter being set.
  • Please contact your projects Inspector for new meter set requests that have an Encroachment Permit.
  • Please review the Meter Request Brochure prior to submitting your meter request form.
  • For subdivisions whose first meter has already been set, please complete the Water Meter Request Form (PDF) and send it to us by email.
  • For status update of submitted/approved requests, please contact the Meter Desk at 707-543-3917.
Meter Split Information
View Meter Split Fees (PDF).