Meter Upgrade Project

Meter Upgrade (6)

We are upgrading water meters across Santa Rosa to provide near real-time water usage data. Just like your old water meter, your upgraded water meter will record your water use for billing. Santa Rosa will provide the same reliable service with these new meters but with even more benefits. 

Project Benefits

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  • Enhancing Customer Service: The upgraded meters will allow you to view and track your daily water usage, detect leaks faster, provide consistent billing dates, and expedite service starts.
  • Improving Water Savings: A new online customer portal will identify water saving opportunities with personalized recommendations, tracking, and alerts.
  • Providing Near Real-time Water Usage Data: The ability to access near real-time data not only allows you to track and manage your usage, but has the added benefit of providing critical data to Water staff responsible for assessing infrastructure replacement needs for water mains, pipes, and meters.
  • Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions: The capability to transmit water use data wirelessly eliminates the need for vehicular travel to read water meters. In addition, faster leak detection means water and energy savings. 

What To Expect

Most customers will experience little to no impact as meters are upgraded. As a customer, you can expect to receive a postcard by mail 1-2 weeks in advance of your scheduled meter upgrade if a visit is required. 

Your water meter will be upgraded by a City of Santa Rosa employee or our licensed contractor, Utility Partners of America (UPA). The installer will attempt to contact you before upgrading your meter. If you are a customer that needs to have your meter fully replaced, there will be a short interruption in service of approximately 30 minutes or less. The installer will also leave a door hanger upon completion with additional details.

Water Meter Upgrade_Badge
All installers will be dressed in uniform and can present identification. All vehicles will also be marked with the City of Santa Rosa or UPA company logo (see below).

How It Works

Once your meter is upgraded it becomes part of the City’s Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI). This means that your water meter will now be read remotely. The data will be sent to our billing department through a secured system and made viewable to you through a future customer portal. As a result, Santa Rosa Water will no longer need to visit homes and businesses every month to manually collect meter reads, which also reduces vehicle trips and provides more consistent read dates. 


Your information is secure. A private and protected network is utilized to transmit meter data only. Customer specific information such as customer name, address, and account number is not sent over the network.