Transit Planning

CityBus Transit Planners continually evaluate our service to identify ways to improve the bus system through route and schedule changes to make the system more convenient and reliable for riders.  Transit Planners also work with City of Santa Rosa Transportation and Public Works and Planning and Economic Development Department staff to identify improvements to bus stops and pedestrian access as part of City projects as well as new development in Santa Rosa.  We coordinate with other City staff to support transit-supportive land use planning and consideration of transit needs in local advanced planning projects such as specific and corridor plans.  Transit Planners also work with countywide and regional agencies such as the Sonoma County Transportation Authority and Metropolitan Transportation Commission to pursue additional funding for transit services and facilities, and identify ways to improve coordination of transit services throughout the region.

If you have a question or comment about transit planning in Santa Rosa, please contact us at [email protected].  To stay up-to-date on planned changes to the CityBus system, please subscribe to our email alert.