Encampment Resolution

The City’s Encampment Team proactively addresses the health, safety, and environmental concerns associated with encampments. The Team is comprised of representatives from various City departments (Housing and Community Services, Fire, Police, Planning and Economic Development, Transportation and Public Works) who work in coordination with the City’s contracted outreach provider, Catholic Charities’ Homeless Outreach Services Team (HOST). The City prioritizes outreach and offering services to individuals residing in encampments prior to any enforcement action. The Team focuses on smaller encampments (five or fewer dwellings) on public and private property to prevent larger encampments from forming and, ultimately, to reduce the amount of City resources required to resolve encampments and mitigate impacts to the community. While in-the-field, the Team evaluates health, safety, and environmental risks posed by the encampments; contacts HOST to help coordinate services and shelter for individuals residing in encampments; enforces laws where appropriate; and removes trash and debris. Encampments that pose an immediate threat to health and safety are given the highest priority.

The City recognizes that ending homelessness requires on-going coordination with regional partners and community stakeholders as outlined in its recently adopted Homelessness Solutions Strategic Plan.  

Ordinance Governing Camping on Public and Private Property

In September 2023, an updated Camping Ordinance governing camping on public and private property went into effect in the City of Santa Rosa. The updated ordinance aligns with Martin v. City of Boise, a 2019 decision by the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, and establishes standards for camping on public or private property that protect the health and safety of the community. 

Encampment Resolution Funding

In June 2023, City of Santa Rosa was awarded nearly $3.9 million in funding from the State of California’s Encampment Resolution Funding Program (ERF). The grant monies are being used to address encampments in the Southwest and Southeast regions of Santa Rosa (Project Area), to provide residents who reside in those encampments with comprehensive services to help them move into housing. The City aims to serve 225 people in the Project Area, with at least 90 moving into interim housing or emergency shelter, and 60 into permanent housing by June 30, 2026. Learn More

Encampment Map & Resources

Encampment Map: This map shows encampments actively monitored by the City for the purpose of providing transparency and community awareness about the scope and nature of encampments in Santa Rosa, VIEW MAP.

City Encampment Team: For questions, concerns, or to report encampments on public property, please email [email protected], submit the issue online, or call 707-543-3311.

Code Enforcement: To report an encampment on private property, please contact the City's Code Enforcement division at [email protected], 707-543-3198, or submit a complaint.  

Debris Response Team: To report debris left on public property (along roadsides, trails, creeks, parks and around public buildings), please contact the Debris Response Team by calling 707-543-3800 (extension 7), or submit the issue online.

Additional Resources: To make a referral to the Homeless Services Outreach Team, report criminal activity, or access additional resources for encampment or homelessness related concerns, visit the Resources page