Parking Lots
Parking in Santa Rosa spaces
  1. Premium Lots
  2. Value Lots

Lot Premium Sign
5th and D Street Lot5th and B Street Lot, & Depot Lot
Hours of Enforcement
9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Time Limit3 hours
Off-street lots use Pay and Display machines. You will need to purchase a receipt from a kiosk in the lot and display the receipt on your dashboard or use the Passport mobile app.

Lot Permit

Motorcycle & Scooter Parking

There is free motorcycle and scooter parking available in each of the metered lots.

Electric Vehicles

The 5th and Morgan Street Lot has an Electric Vehicle Charging Station. 
Location Hourly Rate
Monthly Rate
Time Limit
Ross and B Street Lot:
521 Fifth Street
$1.00 $95
9 Hours 140
7th and Mendocino Lot:
608 Seventh Street

$1.00 Not Applicable
4 Hours 22
E Street Lot:
4 E Street
Permit Only $62 Permit Parking Only
2nd and E Street Lot:
769 Second Street

$1.00 $85 9 Hours 113
5th and D Street Lot:
730 Fifth Street
$1.50 Not Applicable 3 Hours 74
5th and B Street Lot:
540 Fifth Street
$1.50 Not Applicable
3 Hours 64
3rd and Morgan Street Lot:
200 Fourth Street
$1.00 $50 9 Hours 97
5th and Morgan Street Lot:
200 Fifth Street
$1.00 $50 9 Hours 68
Depot Lot:
9 Fourth Street
$1.50 Not Applicable
3 Hours 42