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@SRBiz Guest Instagrammer Program

The City of Santa Rosa's Economic Development Division is seeking representatives of Santa Rosa businesses who'd like to be a "Guest Instagrammer" on our Santa Rosa Business account, for a day.  The purpose of this program is allow businesses the opportunity to inform SRBiz followers about their business with photographs.  Participating businesses are welcome to take and post interesting photos of their facility, staff, products, and behind-the-scenes operations, etc. for one day. 

You’ll need to use your own camera phone with the Instagram app installed on it.  We’ll set up a temporary password just for your use, and we’ll change it for the next guest.  We'd also suggest you'd announce on your Instagram account, if you have one, that you're guest Instagramming on the @SRBiz account.  You may use this graphic to do so.  You do not need to have your own Instagram account to participate.  Tip:  If you’re short on time, feel free to collect photos over the course of several days or weeks and post them all on your scheduled day.

To participate, you must agree to the following:

  • Post photos that are unique from others posted to the account to keep followers interested in the content.  Please note that photos tend to have a better response than graphic designs and logos.
  • The majority of your posts should be subjects other than products to keep the account from seeming too commercial.  We want this to instead be informative, providing the community sights and information they wouldn't get from visiting your business location or website.  For example, if a restaurant owner took 15 photos over the course of a day, perhaps 3-6 of those could be the most popular dishes while others are of the restaurant, staff, operations, and some loyal customers.
  • Do not post more than a total of 30 photographs/videos.
  • No photographs or comments that are negative or obscene in anyway.     
  • Do not change any settings on the account or delete previous posts of other guests.
  • If you post to Instagram Stories, please also post those same photos on the main Instagram feed so that those posts are retained after the Stories disappear. 
  • Include on each photo a caption that says who posted it, including a business name (and Instagram handle if you have one; personal name/position if you'd like).  Photographs posted to the account become property of the City of Santa Rosa, but you're welcome to use any you post in any way you’d like. 

If you’re interested in participating, please email [email protected].

@SRBiz Business Tips

The City of Santa Rosa’s Economic Development Division is starting the new “Plan for Success” social media campaign intended to promote doing business in Santa Rosa, as well as promote the individual businesses that participate. We’re seeking brief quotes from local business leaders to insert into graphics that will be posted to our @SRBiz Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn accounts. We’d like to collect from quotes on the following topics:

1. What you like about doing business in Santa Rosa
2. A tip or tips for success in doing business

Feel free to submit as many as you’d like and we will post them separately over time among our other updates. See the sample here and you will notice the campaign aligns with our new website branding.

If you’re interested in participating, please email [email protected].

@SRBiz Business Promotions

The City of Santa Rosa's Economic Development Division has been promoting Santa Rosa businesses on our @SRBiz social media accounts for several years.  If your business is having a grand opening or special event, please let us know and we may post it on our @SRBiz Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts to help you get the word out.  If you’re interested in participating, please email [email protected].

Go Local Santa Rosa

Also, get listed in our Go Local Santa Rosa business directory!