Eligiblity determination

Within 21 days of the interview, you should receive a hard plastic photo registration cards, Paratransit Rider’s Guide and CityBus Transit Brochure. Your photo card will indicate your eligibility, length of eligibility and if you can be attended by a PCA. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns about the information on your card. If you are granted less than unconditional eligibility (i.e., conditional or temporary eligibility), the written determination will identify the reasons for less than unconditional eligibility and explain an applicant’s right to appeal the decision and how to request an appeal.

The hard plastic photo registration cards will be required when riding Santa Rosa Paratransit and CityBus. Santa Rosa Paratransit Card holders that use CityBus fixed route can ride for no charge by showing a Santa Rosa Paratransit Card.