Trips with Transfers

Santa Rosa and Sonoma County Transit are piloting a "one-seat ride" program for paratransit.
This means that if you are traveling within Sonoma County you will not likely need to transfer when riding paratransit.  For Santa Rosa paratransit riders this also means that you can travel farther on Santa Rosa paratransit.  See this on-line MAP for a detailed map of the service area or call us to inquire further.

If you do travel outside of Sonoma County on paratransit, when you are planning a trip that requires a transfer to a neighboring paratransit service, contact Santa Rosa Paratransit to arrange regional trips requiring a transfer. It is very important when scheduling a trip involving another provider that you advise Santa Rosa Paratransit of your complete travel needs at least two days or if making three transfers, at least three days prior to the date of travel. This enables coordination between agencies then communication back to the riders of the trip, transfer and fare details. Trips with less than two days of notice may require you to coordinate the transfer trip with each service provider separately. Santa Rosa Paratransit recommends you bring the phone number of the other provider(s) involved in your trip when traveling outside the Santa Rosa CityBus service area in case there are any issues with that portion of your trip.

The transfer location in Santa Rosa is at the YMCA at 111 College Avenue. Regional Paratransit providers are: